Quenching the Thirst of the Thirsty

New Scandinavia Lutheran Church has decided to share with others who are less fortunate as they are rebuilding their own church. Last fall NS voted to sponsor a well for people in Honduras who are in need of clean water. This was done through Living Water International whose main purpose is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Living Water) at the same time as they bring the physical water to them. Jerry and Barb Huset joined up with a team from Harvest Time Church in Eau Claire to go and drill this well. The women were teaching proper hygiene and the importance of having clean utensils to the children and the women of Honduras while the men were drilling the well.   We drilled to a depth of 130 feet and had 65 feet of clean water. At the dedication, it was emphasized that this well was free. And as this physical water is free to them, so is the spiritual water, the Living Water of Jesus Christ is also free to those who claim it.

The two Honduran natives in the picture are hired by Living Water International to operate the drill and the team works with them. The one man has worked for Living water for nine years and is committed to helping his people get clean water. This was such a rewarding trip. To see the gratitude on their faces and to have physical evidence of the accomplishment is very gratifying. There is a plaque with the name of our church on it cemented in by the pump.